Oceania is the ruler of the world! We conqured Bazooka Island, Mandina Island, Spartania, and joined with BlueRanea who conquered ASassyNation. To visit our provedences website's, visit: blueranea.synthasite.com, bazookaisland.synthasite.com, assaination.synthasite.com and freewebs.com/mandinaisland (Spartania does not have a site) Oceania is also the prettiest, with soft white sand and bright blue seas. We have endless tourist attractions, tasty foods and gorgeous hotels. Oceania also hosts the Save the Planet Art Festival, where we bring thousands of artists who paint natural pictures on recycled paper. The money raised goes to the Save the Planet Foundation. Oceania also hosts the Water Jam, a huge competition of water sports. The Water Jam brings millions of people every year. Oceania has tasty food, and the best seafood all around! Our resturants are all 5-star, making us leaders in fine cusine. Our offcials strive to make Oceania the best it can be, and it worked! To make travel reservations or to talk to an official, e-mail us at oceaniaisland@gmail.com  ( Mr. Meteer, you can give us project grades by that email.) Explore our site and enjoy!

Below, you can chat with Oceania citizens or lovers. If you are lucky, and official might be on!


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