Oceania has a lot of tasty foods. On our food section of the site, you can see recipies. In this section, you can see our Fine Dining Resturants.

Plata Restaurant- This resturant is located by Blunton Beach. It's specialty is seafood. Plata Restaurant has been given a five-star rating by Chef Of the World.

Oceanside Delights- Another restaurant by the beach, this resturant is a tourist favorite. There speciality is salad.

Sapor- It is named after the Latin word meaning 'tasty', and so it is! The food is eaten by people from everywhere, and they do orginal Oceania food.

Gosto Savory Desserts- 'Gosto' means savory in Portuguese, and this bakery specializes in tangy sweets.

Dining of Aequor- This means Dining of the Sea in Latin, and this resturant is located in Seaside City. They make a variety of great food.

Here are some pictures from our restaurants:

Seafood Pastas from Dining of Aequor


Chicken Salad from Oceanside Delgihts



Shrimp Platter from Plata Restaurant

Oceania Platter from Sapor

Striped Cheesecake from Gosto Savory Desserts

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