Every 3 years, Oceania holds the Water Jam. The Water Jam is a competition of water sports (e.g. jet-skiing.) This competition brings over 5,000 water athlete's and is held on the west coast of Oceania. Past winners are-

Woman- Jet-Skiing

Leslie Jell-1st place winner

Mandy Pesliy-2nd place winner

Sheila Rent-3rd place winner

Men- Jet-Skiing

Samuel Smeeter-1st place winner

Austin Eeterm-2nd place winner

Rover Brent- 3rd place winner

Woman-Water Gymnastics

Evelyn Bayer-1st place winner

Julie Pelt-2nd place winner

Emily Chest-3rd place winner

Men-Water Gymnastics

Peter Pay-1st place winner

Ronald Jent-2nd place winner

Marc Lart-3rd place winner.

That is just 2 of our sports! There are 22 in all.

The next Water Jam is June 32nd, 2011.


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