Below is listed the official's of Oceania. The last name is not shown for safety:

President- Lydia

Vice President- Devyn

Diplomat of the World- Jordan

Vice-Diplomat of World- Tanner

Co-Governer of the World- Melissa

Co-Gorvener of the World- Breanna

Military Advisor- Duke

Spy- Can't Say!

Senate- Samantha T., Samantha H., Anna, Taylor, Christine, Eric, Isabel, Tanner, Micheal S, Drake, Dylan, Dennis, Andrew, Brandon, Michel R, Bayleigh, Alli, Kaitlin, Luis, Katie, Autumn, Desi, Robert, Kyle, Garet.

Here are our Official Responsibilies-

President- The president is responsible for keeping the country running smoothly. The president can call any consequence, but must be fair.

Vice President- The Vice President (V.P.) takes over the president's job when the president cannot. The V.P. also helps run the country and gives the president advice.

Diplomat of World- The diplomat makes things like treaties and alliances with countries. This is a very importent role, since they must present projects which give points.

Vice Diplomat of the World- This is the 'assistant' diplomat. They take over when the president cannot.

Milatary Advisor- This role means that you must design and control things like milatary bases.

Gorverner of the World- This is basiclly the main helper (next to V.P.) to the president. This is a very high position.

Spy- The spy retrives information about other countries, helping us become stronger at war.

Senate- These are bacislly the reprisentatives of citizens. Each one is from a diffrent part of providence of Oceania.


Here are some regular Offcials from Other countries-


Now here are some Offcials from Oceania (man, we know how to have fun!)




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