We have many lovely hotels and beaches! One of our nicest hotels include:

Aerospace Hotel- This hotel is located in the middle of the sea!

Seashell Inn- This hotel is beautiful, and it has the biggest pools in the island!

Bluebay Hotel- This hotel is located very close to the Capital, Seaside City!

Golden Sun Hotel- This hotel is famous for its millions of palm trees!

Our nicest beaches and bays include:

Dunlango Bay- a huge bay with many intresting spots.

Blunton Beach- The biggest beach on the island.

And of course, these are just the most famous. Oceania has alot of other lovely places to visit!


Here are some pictures of Oceania Hotels:

Seashell Inn- Lobby

Golden Sun Hotel- Bedroom

Golden Sun Hotel- Bedroom

Aerospace Hotel-Lobby

Bluebay Hotel-Bedroom

Bluebay Hotel-Lobby


Pictures of Beaches:

Blunton Beach


Dunlango Bay

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